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Pediatric Advice



1. Q: How much medicine do I give?

2. Q: Fever, how high is too high?

3. Q: 24 Hour Pharmacies?

4. Q: Nationwide Childrens Urgent Cares

5. Q: Can this wait until morning?

6. Q: When can he/she go back to school?

7. Q: Travel Tips

2. A: Fever facts
4. A: NCH U.C. Map
5. Common Childhood Illnesses:
7. A: Before traveling, especially overseas, please refer to the Center for Disease Control website for information on vaccination and disease prevention.

Toddler Tumbles

* Potty Training: Click here for tips on how to make potty training easier
           Table  1- Pyramid
           Table 2 - Food Portion Sizes
            Table 3 - Calorie Needs


Books Discussing Puberty:
* It's Perfectly Normal, by Robie Harris
* The American Girl Doll Book; the care and keeping of you

Spilled Milk – Don’t Cry Over Your Infant

Simplifying your approach to your new baby, by a pediatrician & mom
By: Irene P. Koesters, M.D.

I was a pediatrician before I became a mother. I don’t think that was a complete advantage for me. I had a tendency to over-think everything. It took a while to feel comfortable in my “mom” shoes. Now I believe that my personal challenges have helped strengthen my role as both. My theory is that many parents are waiting until later in their lives to start a family. After a career-driven life of independence, adjusting to another human being occupying your house is a big deal. This other life is also very dependent on you, and at every hour of the day. There is never a moment again where you cannot think about your child and their needs. Up to this point, hard work and studying has been able to earn you success in life. It doesn’t always work that way with a child. Sometimes the right answer does not seem obvious, and may not make sense or feel right at first. Luckily, I have had the privilege of experiencing several approaches that help.
 I describe some of the most common parent questions that come up in my own practice. My wish is that this information eases your mind and allows you to spend more time enjoying your life with your new baby.
*DISCLAIMER: The advice on this website is geared for a generally healthy child without chronic medical conditions. The approach may vary for a child with special needs. The examples described here are the opinion of one physician and are not meant to replace the advice of your pediatrician.
Section 1: 
Bringing Baby Home: Lullabies & Baby Cries
Includes the following topics:
  • Snug As a Bug In a Big Empty Crib? Swaddling
  • I want my own room!  Baby should get her own room
  • Nocturnal Gurgles:  Baby has her days and nights mixed up!
  • Sleepy Sipper:  He falls asleep while feeding!
  • A Snickety Snack: My baby snacks all day long
  • A Nippety Nap: The Hyper-Alert, I-Don’t-Want-To-Miss-A-Beat Baby
  • Rise & Shine! Does A Baby Need A Schedule?
  • This Sucks! The Pacifier
  • Agoraphobia: Avoiding Crowds?
  • Spoiled Rotten: “Crying It Out”
  • Hardware Care: Cord & Circ Care, Two Less Things To Fuss Over
  • A Nail-Biter: Trimming Frail Fingernails
  • Jerks & Sighs
  • Whistle while you Sleep: Noisy Breathing

Section 2: 
The Gas Will Pass
Includes the following topics:
  • Toots, Hiccups, Rumbles & Sneezes
  • Goo-Goo Geyser! Spitting up
  • Colic Frolic: Bringing down the House!
  • Squirmy Sue & Screechy Sam: The Fussy Baby

Section 3: 
Nursing Rhymes
Includes the following topics:
  • Mother Nature Is Watching! The Breast Feeding Tale
  • To Latch Or Not To Latch? That Is The Question
  • What Other Nipple? Nipple Confusion Delusion
  • How Now Mother Cow? To Pump Or Not To Pump?
  • Gripping To the Edge Of Your Seat: The shearing pain of sore nipples
  • Waiting For The Plumber: Plugged milk ducts
  • Liquid Gold: My milk must not be wasted, destroyed, or underestimated!

Section 4: 
Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom
Includes the following topics:
  • Head To Toe But Not Below: All But The Diaper Rash
  • Ring Around The Chomper: Chapped Cheeks and Spotty Mouth
  • Bottom’s Up: Red & Raw

Section 5: 
Overflowing and Backed-Up
Includes the following topics:
  • Mature Adult Poop Conversation: Haven’t gone in days
  • The Rainbow Runs: Green, Brown, Yellow Poop
  • What’s the “Mattered” Shut? Eye drainage
  • Drooling Fool: Are they teething?

Section 6:
Back To Sleep, Head So Steep!
Includes the following topics:
  • The Flat Head: Positional Plagio-what?

Section 7:
Burn Baby Burn
Includes the following topics:
  • Watching The Number Go Up: How high is too high?
  • Flip Flopping Fever Medication: Can I alternate medicines?
  • Dosing For Dummies: Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen doses

Section 8:
Dream Night
Includes the following topics:
  • Boot Camp at the Jones’: Should I let my baby cry it out?
  • Double Personality: The Sleepless Shapes
  • In A Predictable Pickle
  • Keep Out! It’s Not Only For Teenagers

Section 9:
Puree Potions
Includes the following topics:
  • Solids Hocus Pocus
  • Diet Dilemma: Sample Menu
  • Mr. Milk Is feeling Left Out: Do I keep the milk feeds the same?

Section 10:
Follow The Yellow Pus Road
Includes the following topics:
  • Off To The Doctor We Go???
  • Thrush Little Baby Don’t You Cry: White Spots In Mouth
  • A Booger Runs Through It
  • A Frog In My Throat
  • Rx Refusal: Can’t Get The Medicine To Go Down
  • Caught The Red Eye Just In Time
  • Rattling Ribs
  • Projectile Panic

Section 11:
Baby & Momma Are Singing The Blues - (And No one is Listening)
Includes the following topics:
  • “Baby Blues” or Postpartum Depression?

Section 12:
Itty Bitty Inventory
Includes the following topics:
  • Cabinet Clues: What to stock up on when new baby arrives