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General Office Info

All office visits are by appointment only.  Regular hours are from 8am-5pm M-F.  Phone lines are open from 8-12n and 1:30-4:30pm. We offer Saturday hours every weekend unless it falls on a major holiday. Phones lines are open 8am-12pm on Saturdays to fill ill calls by appointment only in the order they are received.
Each weekday there will be at least one physician who starts their day later and has ill and well appointments available into the evening.  We fill our ill appointments in order and will schedule into the evening only as our earlier appointments are filled. This is to accommodate those children who may become sicker later in the day. Check with the front desk to see what day your doctor is there later.
If your child is ill, call as early in the day as possible. You may request a same day appointment if you are sure that your child needs an office visit. If you need to discuss your child’s illness, please select the “nurse option”. Please organize your information for the phone nurse.
Have the following information available:
  • Name, age of child
  • Child’s chart number
  • Pharmacy phone number
  • Child’s temperature
  • Associated symptoms, i.e.: vomiting, diarrhea, cough, irritability, lethargy, urine output, amount of feeding, change in sleep, rash, headache
Phone calls after 4:30pm and on weekends are relayed through our voice mail system to the office nurse or the pediatrician on call. If you do not receive a return call within a reasonable time (2 hours) please call again, as wrong numbers, misunderstandings and emergencies do occur. Remember, you must leave a telephone number for us to return your call. Please do not leave a number that cannot accept blocked calls. Most of our physicians will be returning your call on a line that is blocked and not available to public callers.
After regular office hours, we ask that parents try to reserve calls for problems of sudden or serious natures that cannot wait to speak to someone by the next morning. Parents should be able to give temporary treatment to non-emergency conditions, such as colds, cough, fever, rash and upset stomachs. This allows for the doctor on call time to properly attend to the real emergencies requiring immediate medical attention.
You can refer to the common questions asked by parents on this website for answers you seek regarding your child’s condition.
We see ill children in the office by appointment only on Saturday mornings. The phone lines turn on at 8 a.m. and a nurse is available to schedule same-day appointments and guide you through questions you may have. The nurse will not be able to answer routine questions about chronic problems or refill prescriptions or complete forms on Saturdays. We are there to service those children that are ill and need to be seen.
Sundays we are closed. If the doctor on call feels that your child needs to be seen and evaluated by a physician, you will be directed to Nationwide Children's Hospital Emergency Room or to one of the Children's Hospital satellite Urgent Care Centers.
If you are more than 20 minutes late for your appointment you may be asked to reschedule.
You will be asked to pay your unpaid balance upfront the day of your child's appointment. If this is not done, the doctor will not see your child
If your child’s problem is truly an emergency and there is no time to call us, call 911 and the squad will take your child to Children's Emergency Room. The physician there will contact us. Please inform the Emergency Room Staff that we are your pediatricians.
COPAY is expected at the time of visit. If you do not have a  method of payment at that time, you may be asked to reschedule.
An extra charge will be applied for ill appointments seen on the weekend, for evening appointments the physician added as extra to their day, and for emergency appointments or walk-ins that need to be fit in during a regularly scheduled day. You may want to check with your insurance if they cover this cost or if comes out of your pocket towards your deductible.
There is a $25 charge for no-show appointments in which the appointment is not kept and/or the office staff has not been  notified of cancellation  at least 2 hours prior to an ill appointment and at least 24 hours prior to a well child appointment. Each appointment is precious time for patient and physician. An appointment that is not kept is lost time in which another child could have been seen.
There is a $5 charge for school forms brought into the office separate from a child's well child appointment. Please also note that there is a $15 charge for FMLA forms.  These forms take significant time to complete and require extra time by our staff. We encourage you bring in any forms that you anticipate your child will need for the school year the day of her or his appointment. You can find the forms on this website and print them off before you come to the office.
Insurance Plans
*If you are purchasing insurance through the health exchange in 2017 please contact our billing department to see if we accept your policy.
Health Form Checklist:
• Your child has had a physical exam within the past year. Otherwise, we are unable to complete any form until the physical is up to date.
• The $5 form completion fee is paid (unless the form is being completed during the physical exam then there is no charge for form completion)
• If faxing the form(s) to our office please call after faxing to ensure we have received your fax. Please note that we do not fax medical information back. Indicate on the cover sheet whether you plan to pick up the form, or if the $5 fee is paid we can mail the form to a specified address.
• You have completed the medical history portion, and all other “parent” portions of the form
• If a form is not provided to you before the physical exam please print off any expected forms from our website which can be found here by clicking the link-Forms Page
 ***Please allow at least 3 business days for completetion of forms submitted outside of the physical exam appointment.
There may come a time that your pediatrician recommends that your child be seen by a specialist. Although some of these appointments need to be made directly by our office, there is a handful that are recommended to be made by the parent. Here is a list of phone numbers.